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Sherry L. Pierce
Author of "I'm OK - A Young Mother's Struggle"
Board Member: Louisville, KY & Southern Indiana
 Chapter of "The National Stroke Association"

   Sherry Pierce suffered a hemorrhagic stroke following the delivery of her baby boy, Gabriel, two years ago at age 30. Although the stroke left her paralyzed on the left side, she gained strength through her two young boys.  After several weeks in a rehabilitation facility, Sherry went home with her children.  She learned to care for herself and the children, manage her home, and to drive again. It's important to note that her oldest son Codey (now eleven) was her anchor. He is an honor roll student in his 5th grade class and  her best friend. He helped his mother� and still does, through the lowest moments of her life. He's a little trooper. If there was one out there, Codey deserves a best son award!

   As a former computer programmer, during her stay in rehab Sherry used the Internet from her laptop computer, seeking inspiration or testimonials from stroke and brain injury victims. Unfortunately, she could not find any books or help online.  This inspired her to write and publish her book "I�M O.K.  A Young Mother�s Struggle."  The book is an inspirational tool for victims and caregivers. 

   Sherry created this brain injury website to lead victims and their caregivers through the  social security disability process and show them how to obtain government aid.  She also provides advice on the physical and emotional effects of brain attack and information about physical therapy. Looking for reviews as well?  Look at these Cerebrum Health reviews and these as well.  Also here and here.

   Sherry received a gift from God when she escaped cognitive damage from her near death experience. She feels compelled to use this gift and try to give something to victims who are less fortunate. Lastly, she hopes to repay the support of her family, her many doctor's, and her therapists. Sherry knows in her heart that love and commitment are crucial to recovery and there is life after a stroke.

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