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Sherry Pierce
wearing her Joslin Arm Sling

    I would recommend Joslin Orthopedic Gear and their Ultimate Arm Sling to anyone who requires assistance in holding his or her arm in a close to body position. 

    I have about 10% mobility of my left arm due to my stroke and my arm literally dangles to my side. I have searched for an assistive sling to cut down on shoulder pain and neck pain from the weight of my arm and tried several. 

    Put aside the bulkiness, Bright white in color, and the fact that they never fit. I resulted to literally wearing elastic stretch waist dance pants all the time and would stuff my arm in the front and as ridiculous as it may have appeared that was my answer to my problem. Until, I ran across Mandy Joslin, President and creator of Joslin Orthopedic Gear.

    The sling is affordable, comfortable, and stylish!

Thank You Mandy!
Sherry L. Pierce


   "Occasionally compassion inserts itself into the healthcare equation.  Unfortunately, not often enough. Many pain-reducing inventions, borne from a desire to make patients more comfortable, never make it to those who need them.  So, we feel fortunate that Sherry discovered the Ultimate Arm Sling (R) somewhere along the way.  

    It is about business but it all started with a desire to provide comfort with dignity. The kind of comfort with dignity that Sherry exudes through her books and spirit."

Mandy Joslin, President
Joslin Orthopedic Gear

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Medical Supply

    When leaving your in-patient rehabilitation facility you will be faced with the reality that you will need specific supplies to get through your everyday life routine.

    Depending on your insurance a lot of times your rehabilitation facility will make sure you get these supplies through your insurance. The only advice I can give regarding this is:

    Make sure the Shower Seat, Toilet Seat, Wheel Chair, Cane etc. are the same or as close to the same as the supplies you re-trained on. It will make the victim feel lost if when they go home, something from their re-learning rehabilitation isn�t familiar.

    If your insurance doesn�t reimburse for medical supplies this link provides everything a victim would need.

    If financial aid is needed, ask your rehabilitation facility if they have a medical supply donation program. Some do, and even if yours don�t, call around to other�s and find one who does.


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