"I'M OK"
By Sherry L. Pierce





I’m O.k.

Sherry L. Pierce

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About the book

Shortly after the birth of her second son, Sherry Pierce was struck down by a near-fatal stroke. Sherry poignantly writes about how she survived the emotional and physical devastation of this event, and how it altered relationships with her husband and family. As we follow her determined path to emotional and physical recovery, she takes us from the depths of despair to her triumphant return home and finding serenity with her children. Sherry hopes this book will serve as an inspirational tool for families and loved ones who are pulled into the overwhelming effects of catastrophic illness and find themselves searching for words of encouragement and explanation.

Sherry L. Pierce

Reviews From Readers...

Jeffrey H. Frank, M.D.

    It is rare that a physician can relive a traumatic event through the eyes of his patient. 

    I first met Sherry the day of her stroke and have followed her since, seeing snapshots of her recovery and rehabilitation in my short visits with her. Never would I have imagined the obstacles she had to surpass, not just her neurological deficits. 

    Her book opens my eyes that there is more to recovery than treating the medical problems. 

    Well-done Sherry!


Dale S. Horne, MD, PhD

    Congratulations on a great book!

    By the day following the book signing, my wife and I had both read your book. Indeed, it is very well written. You have turned a difficult situation into and enjoyable and funny manuscript. 

    Thank you for including me. I appreciate your acknowledgement. I am gratified that I was able to touch you and your family in such a positive way. 

    It is the happiness that I am able to bring my patients that makes medicine worthwhile.

Sammie Justesen RN
Author of A Patient’s Guide to Surgery 
and Common Threads

    More than half a million Americans suffer strokes each year, and most of them need lengthy rehabilitation. During this critical time, friends and families must navigate a maze of confusion and emotional upsets. Sherry Pierce, a young mother with two beautiful sons, was struck down in the prime of her life. 

    Sherry’s marvelous sense of humor and fighting spirit helped her survive this ordeal. As we follow her determined path to emotional and physical recovery, she takes us from the depths of despair to her triumphant return home.

    For those who’ve suffered brain injury and their caregivers, this book will provide encouragement and show how love and commitment are crucial for recovery.


Eric M. DeYoung,


    You are a true inspiration to me and to many other individuals. I love what you are doing and think very highly of you. I am blessed that God (through his mysterious ways) put you in my life professionally and personally.

Winnie Ferree

    What a great read and accomplishment for you!  You should be very proud of yourself.  Strange to read a book, where you actually know the author and they have experienced what you have.

    Writing definitely is good therapy.  Purchased 2 copies (1 for my mom), rushed home and read it in 4 hours.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your book and recovery.

    Love and Take Care...


Janie Wade

    First I LOVED your book. I enjoyed reading it so much. The title of your book is so meaningful to me. I have the cover of your book framed on my desk. 

    Not only looking at you helps me feel that I can make it, but seeing that "I’M O.K" also helps me believe that "I’M O.K." Your advice to handicap people also was an eye opener. 

    How true that so many people will not look them in the face. If we should be going in at the same time, I do try and do my best to smile and offer to open the door. 

    I encountered a little bit of that "disrespect/knock me down" feeling when I was on a walker/crutches and trying to get somewhere.

You go girl...


Tomeika R. Lee

    As Sherry states in her book "I’M O.K" most of all she wants to give hope, patience, and strength to other victim’s of strokes, their families, caregivers, therapists, friends and doctors. 

    I must say that my favorite person in the book is Sherry. She is a wonderful mother and a great cousin to me. Sherry has been there for me and I have looked up to her and admired her since I can remember. She is the strongest person and has the best sense of humor. 

    I believe in having those characteristics that is how Sherry is where she is today…I would recommend this book to everyone; not just because I know Sherry, but I learned so much from this book. It gives you insight on what stroke victims go through. 

    I know that it put a lot of things in perspective for me.

March 22, 2003

Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA USA

    I purchased this book because my sister suffered a stroke at a young age. Sherry Pierce not only suffered a stroke, she raises her children and is continually dedicated to helping other victims. 

    I would recommend this book to any one for it is also an eye opener to a better appreciation of life.

From:  Janice

    Hello Ms. Pierce; my name is Janice Baldon.  I was very inspired by your book "I'M OK"........writing about personal experiences can be difficult. 

    But, the number of people you can help with this kind of story is awesome!!


From: Jim


    Your book "I’M O.K." was pretty good.  My Ex-mother in law bought it for me.  I have two sons and just went through some pretty horrific surgery.  My aorta dissected.  It has left me with my own problem.

From: Jeri


    I finished the book last night!!


    The book was amazing of how you overcame numerous obstacles of your stroke, and how you and your family became closer than ever before. 

    I always thought that I was tough, but WOW you have shown me how to be even tougher than before.


From: Cecilla

    Dear Sherry,

    A couple of weeks ago, my sister came across your book and mailed it to me.  You could say I had a personal interest in it.  

    Last December, while I was 35 weeks pregnant, I had a stroke.  I am 33 years old.  My symptoms were all speech and comprehensive related - or as I have learned - aphasic.  The neurologist said I had a "moderate" stroke on the left lobe of my brain.  

    I have regained most of my speech and comprehension although when I'm tired or frustrated I totally loose it.  I guess that's God way of forcing me to slow down and "smell the roses".  Although our stories were different I could relate a lot to your story. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story.  

    Anyway, thanks and I will pray for you progress and the happiness of your beautiful boys. 

    God bless!

From: Kirk


    I would like to say that I am very impressed to see that you have published a book. I know some people who have tried to do that and have had no success. I admire your perseverance and obvious talent to get this accomplished. I cannot begin to imagine what all you have gone through. 

    All I can tell you is that after reading what happened I have prayed for you many times and I sincerely hope that things are going as good as they possibly can for you. I hope that you have success with your book. Maybe this could lead to your getting another one published. 

    I wish you and yours nothing but the best.




From: Jane

    Hello Sherry,

    My name is Jane and I live in Jasper Indiana.  Last Friday I purchased a copy of your book.  I started reading it around 9:00 p.m. the same evening, and finally stopped at midnight.  I had to get up early to finish reading it the next day... It was fantastic.

    You are a true inspiration to women everywhere.  Thanks for sharing your story.  It made me angry, laugh, cry, and be thankful all at the same time.

    I work at a school as an instructional assistant with the Special Needs students, and I must honestly say it is the best job I could ask for.  These special students teach me something new to be happy or thankful about everyday.  Things that may seem small to someone else, is huge to each of these students.

    Thanks again, and I wish you many happy years with your boys.


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Sherry and Her Boys

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