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Filing for Social Security Tips

    Disability under social security is based on your inability to work. 

    To be considered disabled, the SSA must determine that due to your disability you are unable to perform any kind of work for which you are suited, and will be unable to do so for at least one year. 

    Social Security will take in consideration your age, education, training and work experience and decide if you are disabled. To be awarded Social Security benefits, you must have been employed long enough to have been subject to social security withholding. 

    Your benefits are determined by how much you earned when you worked. (SSI), is a federally run program for the disabled persons who qualify for SSI, and you must meet certain income and asset limitations. You should apply for your disability as soon as you become disabled. 

    You may file by phone, mail or in person. It will take some time (approximately a month), and you will probably receive your first denial letter. At this time you have a right to hire an attorney to continue the processing of your case.  The only down side to that scenario isÖthe attorney will then receive a portion of your back pay. 

    I have a few tips that may guide you on your road to you disability benefits.  When I filed for my disability for my children and myself, many people informed that it might take up to three years to be awarded. My suggestions for speeding up the system are:

  1. File Online.  If you have dependants, file for them at the same time.
  2. Wait for your first denial letter.
  3. When you receive your letter, you will be assigned a caseworker for your case.
  4. Call your caseworker and communicate with them on a weekly basis. Find out the status of your case.
  5. If he or she states they are waiting on information from a certain doctor. You should call the doctor and personally get the information for them. (The key here is to be proactive and remain consistent regarding your communication about your case.

    I was awarded Social Security benefits for my two children and myself three months after filing. Fortunately, I also had the opportunity to retire from work with a pension.

    Iím not saying that my techniques will work for everybody, because every disability case is different. But, these techniques helped me and hopefully they will be helpful to you.

    Here's the Internet link and phone number for the Government Social Security web site  

Have your Social Security Card ready!

Web Site:
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Phone Number (toll-free)
1-800 772-1213
Phone Number "TTY"
1-800 325=0778


Brainjury Association USA: 
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Kentucky Brain Injury Fund:
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Family Helpline USA
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T.H.E. Brain Trust
617 876-2002

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